Childrens Park

  • Located opposite to train station.
  • Children play equipments are installed.

Jurassic Park

  • Life size models of Brontosaurs, Stegosaurs, Triceratops and Tyrannosaurs are displayed with information panels to educate the visitors about the Giant creatures which ruled the earth millions of years ago.

Butterfly Park

  • First Zoo in India to start an open Butterfly Park in 1998.
  • Several host plants have been planted in this park to attract the Butterflies.
  • Several species of Butterflies can be seen in this park round the year.


  • Renovated with large fish tanks, several aquatic species on display.
  • Both fresh water and marine water aqua life on view.
  • Colorful fishes in this aquarium attract both children and adults.


  • Displays based on animal evolution in one section and human evolution in another section.
  • Panels on biodiversity conservation to educate visitors.
  • Taxidermy models of tigers, leopard, other animals on display.
  • Interactive calls of animals and birds on panel boards.
  • Animal evidences like pug marks, feathers, quills & pellets.